School & Library Presentations

I’d love to come visit you at your school, library or club. My presentations are adjusted to suit your group’s interests.

For book talks, audiences of no more than 100 are best, but I’m flexible.

For writing workshops, up to 30 are most effective.

My school presentations are adjusted according to the grade, student interest, and teacher requests. They include props, interaction, humour, and lots of writing tips.

Generally I introduce myself and my books, and encourage students’ questions about writing. I introduce the boa constrictor, or the ghost, or a prop for whatever book is being featured, and talk about my writing process. This includes a tv newscast about the real boa found in a toilet, to launch into where ideas come from. Students and I list other places to get ideas, and then what to do with them. Kids may act out scene from a book. I always I read an excerpt from a book.

I prefer to present to grades 3 and up.

I love giving writing workshops and critique sessions. Some examples are: a character workshop with a hands-on way for students to learn how to make their own real characters and how those characters can determine the plot; a setting workshop and an editing workshop.

Details about my school presentations and fees are at

Click Ontario presenters and then click on my name.

Bring me to your school library. E-mail

The Writers’ Union of Canada may subsidize my visit.

For information see Press Programs, then either Readings and School Visits, or National Public Readings. Then contact Kristen Gentleman at or 416-703-8982 ext 223.

Visiting students and parents at the Burlington Library.

Visiting students and parents at the Burlington Library.

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